Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Cover Pro Revisited - Obtaining Hints on Using the Software

After more effort than I want to recount, the problem with logging on at BookCoverPro has been resolved I am happy to say. Time to move forward.

As I work to expand my self-publishing business, one of the avenues I am pursuing is the sale of downloadable PDF files from an e-commerce platform from my website. An older version of ebooks if you will. Simple covers are what I need at the moment for these "books" and the BookCoverPro does the trick for these particular items.

One of the features about BookCoverPro that is helpful for an individual with no design background and even less artistic ability is the BookCoverPro Newsletter with design ideas and tips on how to use the software. Hints on how to use the BookCoverPro software are posted on the company's Facebook page.

The most recent issue was about using the software to "copying layers" on the cover design you are working on. While not a skill I need at this exact moment, these are the kinds of hints many of us need in order to better use the software to create covers that will sell our books.

I wish more companies would provide this sort of "support" information for their products. I spend far too much time trying to learn how to use software that is supposed to be user friendly.