Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using YouTube for Book Marketing: Part One

Keep this simple quote in mind: "There are only 2 things authors ought to be doing: writing, and marketing that writing." Joel Friedlander.

YouTube seems to be quite an item these days. It can be used to find humorous videos, political news, how-to instructional films and my personal favorite, archival film of historical events. It can also be used to market and promote just about any item available for sale, including books.

As a medium to provide factual information, it can be quite useful. I often look up "how-to" videos on YouTube and many of these have been quite helpful.

I have plenty of good ideas that will allow me to share in an effective way information that readers of my books will want. I just need to learn to make short videos that effectively communicate this information.

The most difficult part of this effort will be to learn how to translate production and sharing of these short videos into sales. In other words, how do I use YouTube to successfully market my books/products and increase sales?

This marketing effort actually looks fun and I am pretty sure I will enjoy making my little short films or videos. Hopefully I will figure out how to increase sales, capture data, or whatever it is marketers do.

I would love for anyone who has experimented with using YouTube to share your experiences, good or bad, with the readers of this blog.

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