Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Blog Post Summary of October, 2012: Book Expo Review, Writing Contests, Nook Technology Update and Fighting Copyright Violations

As October draws to a close, this will be the final blog post that is a collection of posts I found interesting or helpful, at least to me, that I want to share with the readers of this site. Read the posts you find interesting but please remember to return and visit The Self-Publisher's Notebook in the future.

From FonerBooks

Google Rejecting Search DMCA for Social Networking Sites

The latest update in Morris Rosenthal's battle against internet piracy of his books and his struggles with Google in obtaining compliance in removing the offending violations.

From The Self-Publisher's Notebook

Kindle Pricing Strategy for Self-Published Authors

I know its my own post, but it's relevant. Authors need to realize this is a business and pricing is an important consideration. I wish I had this information when I started years ago.


Future Nooks Will Include NFC Tech for In-store Book Scanning

Steve Weber writes an interesting post about an announced technological improvement to the Barnes and Noble Nook in an effort to compete with the Amazon Kindle.

From Book Making

Report from Self-Publishing Book Expo

Michael Marcus provides a summary of his trip to attend the 4th Annual Self-Publishing Book Expo held in Manhattan. Michael indicates this is just part one of the installments he intends to share about his experience at the Expo. I found his summary interesting and wish I had the money for airfare and hotel to attend the event just once.

From Writer Beware

Alert: America's Next Author Contest

Victoria Strauss writes about a new author contest within the framework of high priced writing competitions and the need for self-publishing authors to be aware of the many pitfalls of entering these competitions.

From Pro Blogger

Five Essential Elements of a Successful Self-Published Book

A guest post on Pro Blogger by Srinivas Rao of BlogcastFM. A good summary of what it takes to craft a successful self-published book.

From The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing

Great Reasons to Self-Publish: Seven Case Histories

Alan Rinzler is the author of this blog and has a lot to say about the state of the publishing industry.

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