Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazon Author Central

It pays to check things once in awhile. 

I recently found several errors that had creeped in to the product details of several of my books such as incorrect page number or something similar.

These issues have to be addressed. Can you imagine purchasing a non-fiction book listed as being 274 pages long and receiving a copy with just 171 pages? I would think I had been cheated or my copy was faulty. Either way, I would not be a happy customer.

I recently published a Kindle version of a paperback that had been out for about three months. The cover image was hideous! The image for the paperback looked fine, simply a small version of the actual cover. I wish the same could be true for the Kindle cover! It was pink and green!

Thank goodness I had not started the "product launch" with that cover image waiting to turn off any perspective buyers.

A quick trip to the Amazon Author Central provided me with instructions on how to correct the problems.  Unfortunately, the items to do so were missing from the product page of the new Kindle book.

In this instance I simply used the contact link at the bottom of the page and sent a message to the good folks at Amazon.

While Amazon would prefer we sort out our own problems as much as possible, using the Amazon Author Central contact feature has always worked and gotten the needed results.

Just be sure to check your books periodically and make sure all the information on your book's product information page is correct.