Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Cover Pro - What's Going On?

Sometime ago I gave a thumbs up to the cover creating software Book Cover Pro. I still think it is a user friendly option, particularly for authors who are creative and understand design.

That is if you can gain access to the software once you purchase it. 

The software is web based. You log-in to use it. It's quite simple to do and probably helps the company keep its prices more affordable.

Then I received an e-mail stating the sign in system had been updated to make it more secure. It's more secure all right. I can no longer access the software I paid hard earned money to use. And I have a couple of short books that need covers!

After a dozen e-mails requesting help and providing my old username and password to prove who I was and was entitled to access to the software, the only response I have received is an autoresponder generated thank you for contacting BookCoverPro by e-mail.

I have called the phone number repeatedly and never talked to a human. I left messages. Still no return phone call to help me solve my problem.

It's a shame. I like the company's product. I used it and obtained results that for my purposes were perfectly acceptable. Then this happened.

I can understand upgrading your system and making it safer and more reliable for you the business owner and your customers.

I cannot understand preventing paying customers who use your product from having access to the service for which the customer paid.

So, if you were thinking about using BookCoverPro, a product I previously said good things about, beware. I still think it is a good product, I am just appalled at the service I have received after the fact when the change in login procedure took place.