Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I need help with an experiment on Amazon!

In my ongoing efforts to learn how to make my tiny publishing empire more profitable (so I can quit my "real job" if the wife will let me), I plan on conducting an experiment with the Amazon internal computer marketing machine that nobody outside the employ of Amazon understands.

Why conduct an experiment? The more I read about promoting books, marketing books and finding the exact best price point to maximize revenue, I read the phrase "experiment by..." So, it would seem an experiment is in order.

The experiment is simple enough but I will need help to achieve it.  I want to see what happens when a book receives a reasonable number of "likes" from visitors to the books product page.  I am not really looking to increase sales immediately, I just want to see what will, or might, happen with the different Amazon promotional/marketing tools that promote books and authors seem to have no ability to propel their books into these magical tools.

The image above shows the little Like button. I have picked three of my books that I want to experiment with. Two have just been published in their POD and Kindle versions and the other has been out in both versions for awhile.

If you are willing to participate in the experiment, please click on the links to the three books that are listed below and "Like" the book. I am not asking anyone to buy anything. Just take a minute to click on some links and then "like" a book.

I plan to track the three books and record data on a daily basis for 30 days starting on July 19th and stopping on August 18th.  I will be looking at total likes, total recommended by others, Customers Bought and any other item that I come across that I think might be associated with or influenced by the total number of "likes" a book has.

The choice of July and early August as the time frame is because for my niche topic, this is the slowest time period of the year for sales. I am not looking to boost sales. I want to see what happens with the internal Amazon marketing machine.

Shortly after August 18th I will share what I have learned here. Hopefully there will be something positive that happens and the results will be of use to all the readers of this blog.

Here are the three book links:

Let me thank in advance everyone who takes the time to participate in this experiment.