Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kindle Books and the QED Logo - Making Sure Your Self-published Kindle Book is Quaity

Self-publishing has come a long way in a short time. One of the ways self-publishing authors can overcome the stigma of self-publishing is to offer the best possible quality books.

Professional editing of our work is just one way we as authors can make sure the book we launch into the market is the best quality possible. You can read countless "how to" guides about selling lots of books.  The steps always seem to include at least the following:
  • write a great book
  • hire a professional editor
  • use a professional interior designer
  • hire a professional cover designer
I want to add a fifth step. Make sure the company who does your Kindle and ePub conversions provides a Quality Excellence Design guarantee.

This logo, which you as the author will be entitled to use on your cover, book product details and in promoting your book, is proof that your Kindle and ePub files have passed a 13-point quality inspection test. 

Your book may not be well written, but it will work as it should with no problems on any ebook reading device. 

There will be no fears of the dreaded one-star reviews on Amazon due to the quality of production of your ebook. There are no guarantees about the quality of your writing.

The QED Seal is the result of the efforts of the Publishing Innovation Awards. Below is the list of the 13-points the book must pass in order to receive the QED seal (taken from the PIA website).

Having had some issues with the conversion process with a couple of my Kindle books, I am now a fan of this process. My future Kindle and Nook books will all go through this and I hope to be able to integrate the seal into my cover artwork somehow so knowledgeable readers on Amazon and Barnes and Noble will have more confidence in the quality of my ebooks before purchasing.

The company I use for my conversions is ebook Architects. Christi Pinheiro, who used to run the Self-publishing Maven blog was kind enough to provide a very positive recommendation to use this company and I have not regretted it once.

It costs money to self-publish. For authors who are struggling or self-publishing as a second job, the funds needed to pay for services to improve their book can be hard to come by. Remember, self-publishing is a business. The hardest book to a reader is the first one. If they like (love) the book, they will purchase more of your books. Quality sells itself.