Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sell Your Book Using CreateSpace International in Europe!

I did not think too much about this new feature when CreateSpace announced the new option of having your books distributed in Europe. I should have given it more than the passing thought that I did. I should have known better since I sell about a dozen Kindle editions of my books to readers in Europe, particularly in Germany and the UK.

I signed my books up and forgot about it.

Then I started seeing numbers listed on my Member Dashboard page with funny signs before the numbers. I realized those were symbols for the Euro and the Pound! My POD paperbacks are selling in Europe at numbers just below my Kindle sales!

Now, to be honest I am more excited about the fact this is sort of neat and not about the amount of money I am earning. But still, it is pretty cool to just click the mouse on your computer and now your books are available to readers who are Amazon customers in Europe.

The promo for this new distribution option is shown below, taken from the CreateSpace website.

If you want to take advantage of distribution in Europe, just click on the icon in the image shown below on the CreateSpace page.

Clicking on the Enable Now icon will take you to your Member Dashboard. You will see the yellow banner below near the top of your Dashboard page.

I selected one of my new books as an example. After clicking on the Channels page this is what you will see after you have enabled your distribution options.

It will only take a few minutes to do this. It is worth it just to see that someone in Europe thought your book was interesting enough to purchase! Besides, self-publishing is a business. European distribution is FREE! These are sales you would never have otherwise, and every sale adds up on the bottom line.